Tickets - Chamonix Bus

The bus ticket is €3 and is valid throughout the network (excluding Chamo’nuit) all day.
The price of the night bus is 2€ per trip.

In order to promote collective modes of transport, you can travel free of charge on the Chamonix Bus urban network (except Chamo’nuit or special buses) on presentation to the drivers of the following cards:

  • The Guest Card:  Is issued to visitors staying at least one night with a declared host or with friends. The validity of the card is variable but remains limited to the duration of the stay during the season (normally less than 5 months). the duration of the stay which corresponds to the validity of the card.
  • The VIA’CHAM card: (electronic access to certain public services) This has definitively replaced the school card and is gradually replacing the Gens du Pays and Resident cards. It is issued by schools in the valley, or directly by the Community of Communes if the student is enrolled in an establishment located outside our community. Valid from September 1 of year N to 30/09 of year N+1.
  • Ski lift passes: TAll Compagnie du Mont-Blanc and LHSG ski lift passes allow travel on the entire Chamonix Bus urban network of the Community of Communes.

Practical information

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